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Open Badge Factory is an innovative, user-friendly, and cost-efficient online platform that large and small organisations around the world use to create, issue and manage their Open Badges.

What is an Open Badge?

Open Badges is the world’s leading format for digital badges. It is a global standard that ensures portability and trust for your digital badges. From a technical point of view, an Open Badge is a digital picture, containing embedded evidence of learning and achievement and information about the badge earner and recipient.


Open digital badges

Open badges are flexible: you can use them to recognize and validate skills, achievements, assets, goals, and experiences, going well beyond formal diplomas or certifications.

Open Badge

PDF badge certificates

PDF badges are verifiable certificates that contain the same metadata as Open Badges and can be customized layout and branding. As standalone portable files, they can be easily downloaded, printed, and shared. They combine the best of both PDF and Open Badge worlds!


Micro-credentials don't have to be limited to static certificates; they can evolve into dynamic micro-portfolios! Empower your recipients to share what they know and can do, and to increase the value of their badges with further documentation, endorsements, and testimonials using Open Badge Passport’s innovative tools!

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Service levels

Open Badge Factory offers various subscription plans to meet the need of your Open Badge recognition projects. Customizable, scalable, and commitment-free subscriptions are available.

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Building meaningful badge ecosystems

Let’s badge together ! Open Badge Factory provides the tools an organisation needs to implement its badge strategy, but it doesn’t stop there. Unique and powerful collaborative features help badge creators network and build large badge ecosystems together.

Share badges with your partners

Organisations can partner with each other to share their badges and badge application forms. OBF badge sharing features are used by organisations to leverage the work of their partners and to build together shared badge systems for their communities.


Maximize your badges values with endorsements!

Organisations can endorse each other to recognise and make visible the values and goals they share. By endorsing each other’s badges, organisations can also build the groundwork for a badge ecosystem. When badges are endorsed by a network of organisations, their value is increased for their issuers, their recipients, and the whole community.

Badge Ecosystem

Collaborative and Open Solution!

Our solutions are open! All stakeholders in your network, whether they are endorsers, reviewers, badge applicants or recipients can engage without having to register beforehand.

Multilingual badges​

With Open Badge Factory, you can create and issue multilingual badges. With multilingual badges you can support collaboration between multicultural organizations and deploy badge systems that will have impact at an international level.

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Attend our free webinars at OBF Academy to discover Open Badge Factory and Open Badge Passport, and stay updated on new features and latest updates! Benefit from experienced users’ feedback and advice to nurture your ideas and refine your own Open Badges strategy.

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Multiple issuing methods

Effective bulk issuing

Effortlessly distribute a large quantity of badges to your audience with just one click by either copying and pasting recipient email addresses or uploading CSV files.

API for integrations

You can develop your own custom integrations using our API and trigger OBF badges from your systems.

Badge applications

Badge applications are used by the majority of our customers because they are great for recognising prior skills and achievements, and for motivating badge earners. Badge applications transform passive badge recipients into motivated and proactive badge applicants, who value their badges because they have made a clear effort to earn them.

Issue with your LMS

Badges can be issued automatically based on course completions and other outcomes in your elearning. You can do this with our plugins for Moodle, Itslearning, and LTI or create your own integration.

Dive into our success Stories!

Gain inspiration for your future projects, with insightful experiences and best practices to explore for your own initiatives.

"We offer people who are already working within the tourism sector, or want to work in that sector, the possibility is to get their skills recognized and validated within the companies and within the working life."
“We work within a ‘grade point’ system for our formal recognition, and until I discovered open badges there really was no other way to recognise/reward students for behaviours and skills that fell outside of formal assessment.”
Guiding and scouting activities began in England in 1907 and Finland became one of the first scouting countries already in 1910.

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News about the new look for your badge receive page available from OBF! Discover the new format and start sharing your badges in style!

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We're thrilled to announce the rollout of some new features on your reports and dashboard!

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Open Badge Passport

Put your badges in action with Open Badge Passport !

Open Badge Passport is Open Badge Factory’s companion service. It is a free, easy to use online platform where badge earners can receive and store their badges safely, share them as they like, and apply for new badges advertised by hundreds of organisations. White labelled versions of the Open Badge Passport can also be installed for customer-specific user groups or communities.

Open Badge Passport is also available as a mobile application.