Personal data request

Open Badge Factory complies with the GDPR requirements. In compliance with the GDPR regulation, badge recipients in Open Badge Factory can send personal data requests to organisations which have sent them badges. 

If you have received badges from organisations using Open Badge Factory, and you want to check your personal data, click on the button below. You will see which organisations have issued your badges, and what personal information has been collected. If you wish, you can request deletion of your personal data and badges. Please note that erased data cannot be recovered.

Please also note that personal data requests are not processed automatically by Open Badge Factory. They have to be processed by the badge issuing organisations. Under Article 12.3. of the GDPR, the recipient of a legitimate erasure request should provide information on the action it will decide to take in 30 days (maximum 60 days). If no action is taken, you are advised to contact the organisation to whom your request has been addressed.