API and Plugins

With Open Badge Factory, you can create and manage your badges in one place, and issue them from other platforms, for example, Learning Management Systems. There are three ways to get OBF integrated with other platforms. You can either develop your own OBF plugin using the OBF REST API or use existing plugins or LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) if your platform is LTI-compliant.


Integrating with OBF is an easy and cost-effective solution for educational or HR sector platform providers, who want to give their users the possibility to issue standard-compliant Open Badges. It is also a suitable solution for Open Badge Factory’s users, who need to issue their badges from other platforms they use. To develop integration with OBF, your developers need our API documentation, and an account in Open Badge Factory. Notice that the OAuth2 authentication requires a Pro level account. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Documentation for developers: https://openbadgefactory.com/static/doc/obf-api-v1.pdf


The Open Badge Factory team develops, maintains and supports OBF issuer and OBF displayer plugins for Moodle. Other plugins listed here are developed by learning service providers, partners, third party developers or by some open source projects. These plugins are currently used by our customers and have been reported to work fine, but notice that the OBF team is not responsible for their use and if you experience some issues or need technical support you should contact their developers. Notice also that plugins can be available at different service levels. We welcome all developers interested in contributing to the development of our Moodle plugin or other coming open source projects. If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us.


About Moodle:moodle.org
Moodle OBF plugins developer:open badge factory Ltd
Short description:Notice that two plugins are provided, the Issuer plugin and the Displayer plugin. With the displayer plugin, you can issue OBF badges when courses or activities are completed. With the Displayer plugin, Moodle users can display their badges in their Moodle profiles.
Location:https://moodle.org/plugins/local_obf and https://github.com/openbadgefactory/obf-moodle
View the installation guide
Notice:Moodle plugins works also with Totara LMS ( versions 11.xx) and may work with other LMS build on Moodle core.
required service level(s):Free, Basic, Premium and Pro
Technical supportFor Pro customers only

Priima LMS

Priima LMS
About Priima: https://priimalms.com/en/
Integration developed by: Discendum ltd
Description:Badges can be issued when an activity or a course is completed. Badges are displayed in Priima’s user profiles. Priima supports milestone badges meaning that users can receive their milestone badges into Priima when badges included in the milestone pathway are earned.
Location:OBF plugin is a Priima feature
Required service level: Pro
Technical supportDiscendum Ltd Priima helpdesk

LTI integration

Open Badge Factory LTI Integration provides a link between an LTI supported LMS and Open Badge Factory. Our customers use LTI integration for example with Canvas LMS, Blackboard, Brightspace. LTI integration requires Pro subscription level. Please log in into your Open Badge Factory Pro account and go to Admin Tools > LTI for more information.