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FeaturesTooltipBasic PremiumPro
Maximum number of badges you can create10UnlimitedUnlimited
Verified badge issuer“Issuer verified by Open Badge Factory” stamp in the badge view.XX
Maximum number of badges you can issueIf your organisation needs to issue larger amounts of badges (more than 50 000 a year), please contact us at contact(at) / year
(can be extended)
User accountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
User rolesAt Free and Basic service levels, admin is the only role available. At Premium and Pro levels, it is possible to create different roles (admin, creator, issuer) for users. Roles are useful for managing user rights if your account has more than one user.Admin onlyAdmin, creator, userAdmin, creator, user
Management of badge and badge application user rightsBy default, users assigned to admin or creator roles can edit all badges in your account, and users assigned to issuer roles can issue any of them. This advanced feature allows badge creators to set up individual or group level restrictions on who can edit or issue a badge, and who can edit or review a badge application.X
TemplatesYou can create message templates for badge recipients, criteria page templates, and badge application form templates. Using templates makes the creation of badges and badge applications more effective, and helps badge creators to write their badges with the same style.XXX
Badge applicationsA badge application is a custom online questionnaire linked to a badge. Applicants complete a questionnaire to earn a badge, providing information and evidence as required. Pro level provides tools for reviewing and managing large volumes of applications more efficiently.XXAdvanced methods and review options
Milestone badgesA milestone badge is a way to support learning pathways with badges. It contains “small” badges and a “big” badge which is automatically delivered when all, or some of the small badges, have been earned by the badge recipient.XX
Multilingual badgesA multilingual badge is a badge containing information in several languages. By clicking a link, badge viewers can switch from one version to another.XXX
PDF badgesOne of Pro level’s most appealing features is the PDF badge, which makes the reception and utilisation of badges easy for badge recipients if they do not wish to create an account in Open Badge Passport (or in a badge backpack) to receive and use their badges. PDF badges contain the same information as “normal” standard Open Badges, as well as a link and a QR code for validation. PDF badges are often used as digital certificates by training companies and companies offering customer or partner training programs.X
Integration with ESCO competency frameworkAt Premium level, you can set up manual alignments (pointers to competency frameworks) and add them to your badges to increase their value. At Pro level, you have access to ESCO (the multilingual classification of European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations). You can browse the ESCO database in your badge editor and add competency descriptions to your badges.X
EndorsementsIn Open Badge Factory, user organisations can endorse each other to recognise and make visible the values and goals they share. By endorsing each other’s badges, organisations can also build the groundwork for a badge ecosystem. When badges are endorsed by a network of organisations, it increases their value for their issuers, holders, and the whole community.XXX
Badge sharingOpen Badge Factory’s user organisations can partner with each other to share their badges and badge applications. The standard feature means that you can share badges one at the time as a copy or a link. The advanced feature means that you can share at the same time several badges and badges applications with their forms and settings as copies or links. To receive badge applications shared by your partners in your account, you need to have Pro level.StandardStandard Advanced
Report featuresThe standard report function provides detailed statistics and views about the badges and badge applications you have created and issued. At Pro level, you can generate advanced reports with the Report Builder tool, and export your reports as CVS files that you can read with spreadsheet software. You can also get a visual report about social media shares done by your badge recipients.StandardStandardAdvanced
HelpdeskEmailEmailEmail (priority)
Sub-organisationsA sub-organisation enables an organisation to issue badges, for example, within different departments. The sub-organisation feature is available for purchase with the Premium and Pro service levels. The price of a sub-organisation is 200€ + VAT. The standard feature means that you can create a sub-organisation (Premium level) whereas the Pro level allows you to add a banner to brand your sub-organisation. Pro level also provides a better sub-organisation management feature.StandardAdvanced
BrandingThe standard feature means that you can add banners to personalise your messages and application forms. The advanced feature means that users can also personalise the look and feel of their badge issuing messages with their own CSS styles.StandardAdvanced
Advertise badges in Open Badge PassportYou can advertise your badges and badges application in Open Badge Passport so that Passport’s users can apply for them. Badges and applications advertised by Pro customer have prime visibility.XX
Prime visibility
Send badge issuing emails from your own SMTP serverThis feature is useful if you want that your badges are issued from your own mail server and domain.X
RESTful API for integrationsOpen Badge Factory provides an open API that you can use to develop a plugin. With a plugin, you can create badges in OBF and issue them from your Learning Management System or any other kind of platform. At pro level, you can implement your integration, get technical support or use our OAuth authentication feature. Notice that the Moodle plugin is enabled at Premium level. Visit our “Integration and plugins” page to learn more about our API and plugins.API restrictions, technical support not availableX
Technical support
LTI servicesOpen Badge Factory provides an LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) service that you can use to integrate an LTI compliant LMS to issue badges and to access Open Badge Factory’s creator and reviewer tools from your LMS.X
Badge Record StorageBadge Record Storage is available for Pro customers for an additional fee. All data regarding badges are sent to the customer’s server, and all URL’s in the badges point to the customer’s server. Data will remain in the customer’s server even if they stop using Open Badge Factory.Additional service

NB! A 20€ (+vat) handling fee will be added for choosing invoice as the payment method.

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