Other Services

Training and consultancy services

Open Badge Factory’s experts and partners can offer consultancy and training services to our customers. We can organise both online and face to face training sessions and workshops in several languages. Our consultants can also help customers with the development and implementation of their open badge strategies.

Dedicated Open Badge Passport

Open Badge Passport is a free, online social platform, where badge earners can receive, store and share their badges.

We can also provide dedicated and white-label Passports installed on our customers’ servers or in our cloud. A dedicated installation of Open Badge Passport is usually the choice of networks or large organisations that want to set up a meaningful educational, associative, or professional context for its badge earners. Dedicated Passports have been set up, for example, for an international humanitarian NGO network, for school and regional networks and professional communities. A dedicated Passport is a great solution for placing badge earners’ badges in a clearly defined and meaningful educational, associative, or professional context which will grow the value of their badges. It is also a great solution to make visible and measure the impact of a badge strategy, and to develop additional services for your community.

For more information about a dedicated Passport, contact us at contact(at)openbadgefactory.com

Badge Record Store

The Badge Record Store (BRS) is a proxy server that can be installed for customers who require that the badges they issue are stored and hosted on their own server. Some customers have set up their own BRS to ensure their badges will be available even if they cease to use Open Badge Factory. BRS is also a good solution if the law requires that citizens’ data should be stored on national soil.

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