Service levels

Open Badge Factory provides the tools your organisation needs to implement a meaningful and sustainable Open Badges system. 

Free – Try it!

Register for a free trial account to explore the platform at the Pro level for 60 days. At the end of the free trial period, you can either subscribe to a service level of your choice or let your account automatically drop to the Free level. At the Free level, you will be able to create a maximum of 2 badges.

Basic – For small needs!

Basic level is a cost-friendly solution suitable for organisations with small badging needs. It is easy to use and provides the basic features you need to set up a small, meaningful badge system.

Premium – Implement your strategy!

Premium is the most popular service level for organisations which want to build an effective and sustainable badging strategy, without limitations on the number of badges that can be created. It is usually the starting service level for universities, companies, commercial training organisations and large schools and NGOs. 

Pro – Take your badging activities to the next level!

Pro is the top-tier service level boosted with advanced management, integration, and branding features. Customers who started at the Premium level, and need advanced reports and management tools to handle their growing activities will often upgrade to Pro. Pro is also the primary choice of organisation networks, NGOs, and corporations. Pro’s most appealing features include advanced reports and PDF badges. PDF badges are an innovative solution for organisations who want to deliver standard Open Badges in an easy to use PDF format that can be used offline and online.

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