Pro – Take your badging activities to the next level!

Pro service level includes all the Premium service level features, plus the following:

  • The creation of an unlimited amount of badges
  • An annual 50,000 badge issuing quota
  • Advanced management tools
  • Advanced badge and badge application sharing features
  • PDF badges
  • Advanced reporting
  • Collaboration features
  • Integration (LTI and Oauth2)
  • Branding features
  • Sub-organisations

Sub-organisations and permissions management

At Premium level, you can have a maximum of two sub-organisations because Premium does not provide permission management tools for managing badge editing and issuing permissions; by default, any creator can edit any badge, and any issuer can issue any badge.  In addition to user roles, at Pro level, you can define who is able to edit and issue your badges, but also who has the right to review a badge application. You can set up the permissions for individual users, but also for groups such as sub-organisation members. With permissions, you can manage a large number of users and sub-organisations in your Pro account.

Advanced reporting

With the Report Builder tool, you can generate advanced reports and export them as CSV files that you can read with spreadsheet software. You can get detailed reports on one or several badges, one or several badge recipients, you can combine searches on badges and users, and you will get statistics on badge applications and their review process.

Better management of badge applications

A badge application is the most popular feature of OBF. For some of our customers, a rapidly increasing number of applications has generated an increased workload for their reviewers. We have developed a new user interface at Pro level to make the work of reviewers easier and faster. With the reviewing permission management tool, it is easy to show the reviewers only those applications they should review, and this way avoid overlapping tasks with their colleagues.

Supporting collaboration with badge application sharing features 

At Basic and Premium levels, you can share badges with your partners. At Pro level, you can also share one or several badge applications (with their application forms) with your partners. Badge applications can be shared as copies (meaning templates that your partners can adapt to their needs), or as linked applications that they can issue but not modify. Sharing badge applications supports the development of badge ecosystems.

Enhanced branding feature

At Pro level, you can add banners to your messages, badge criteria, badge application forms and for branding your sub-organisations. Advanced users can also personalize the look and feel of their badge issuing messages with their CSS styles.

PDF badges

One of Pro’s most appealing features is the PDF badge, which makes the reception and utilisation of badges easy for badge recipients who do not wish to create an account in Open Badge Passport (or in a badge backpack) to receive and use their badges. PDF badges contain the same information as “normal” standard Open Badges, as well as a link and a QR code for validation.

By default, Open Badge Factory will deliver your badges both as a “traditional” open badge (png picture) and as a PDF, but you can disable either badge format if needed. PDF badges are often used as digital certificates by training companies and in customer or partner training programs.

Integration with ESCO

At Premium level, you can set up manual alignments (pointers to competency frameworks) and add them to your badges to increase their value. At Pro level, you have access to ESCO (the multilingual classification of European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations), and you can browse the ESCO database in your badge editor and add competency descriptions to your badges.

Badge Record Store

The Badge Record Store (BRS) is a proxy server that can be installed for customers requiring that the badges they issue are stored in their own server. The BRS is a separate service which is not included in the Pro level licence, but Pro is required to set up the connection between Open Badge Factory and the customer’s BRS.

Available at Pro level only: integrations and sending messages via customer’s server

The following functionalities require a Pro level licence:

Integration of Open Badge Factory with a Learning Management System or other systems compliant with LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) standard. Please check the section API and plugins for more information.

Badge issuing messages sent via the customer’s SMTP server or via the customer’s Amazon SES.

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