Premium – Implement your strategy!

Premium service level offers the following features:

  • The creation of an unlimited amount of badges
  • An annual 15,000 badge issuing quota
  • Role-based team member management
  • Badge applications
  • Advertising badge applications and badges in Open Badge Passport
  • Milestone badges
  • Branding features
  • Up to two sub-organisations

Role-based user accounts

At Premium level, you can create as many user accounts for your team members as you wish, and you can manage their user rights. Open Badge Factory offers three different user roles: administrator, creator, and issuer.

An administrator can create and issue badges and access all administrative tools of your organisation’s account (we recommend that you set up the administrator role only for one or a few trusted users). A creator can create and issue badges. This role is usually assigned to the core team members managing your organisation’s badge system. An issuer has the right only to issue badges, review badge applications, and access reports. Issuer accounts are useful if you want to protect your badge contents when opening your account to people who should be able to issue them.

Milestone badges

At Premium level, you can create milestone badges. A milestone badge is a way to support learning pathways with badges. It contains “small” badges and a “big” badge that is automatically delivered when all or the required number of the small badges have been earned by the badge recipient. Milestone badge is a popular feature used by nearly all of Open Badge Factory’s customers. 


At Premium level, you can personalize your badge-related views with banners. You can add several banners into your account’s branding section and add them as footers, for example, in your badge delivering messages and in your badge applications.


A sub-organisation is a solution to enable some of your internal sub-organisations (a team, office, department, faculty, etc.) to issue your badges using their name. For example, a badge created by a university for student onboarding could be issued to students with the name, URL and description of their faculties. Premium level has limited sub-organisation management features. At Premium level, you can have a maximum of two sub-organisations. If you need more, please consider upgrading to Pro level.

Note that sub-organisations are not included in the price of your subscription. The annual price of a sub-organisation is €200 (+ VAT).   

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