• 7.9.2015 We want to take you closer to all things Open Badge, OBF and OBP

    We have great news for you; the launch of Open Badge Factory Academy is right around the corner!

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  • 24.8.2015 Open Badge Factory updated

    This release contains lots of improvements and some new features as well.

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  • 11.8.2015 Discendum partners with! is now using Open Badge Factory to design and issue Open Badges to thousands of humanitarian aid workers.

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  • 9.4.2015 Open Badge Passport is finally here!

    Open Badge Passport has just been released. The service will make the receiving, storing and sharing of Open Badges a lot easier - without forgetting other cool features!

    Create an account and join the growing community here!

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Open Badges is an open standard developed by the Mozilla Foundation to recognize, validate and demonstrate learning that happens anywhere. Open Badges are digital credentials, created and issued by organizations such as schools, vocational organizations, companies and employers for their students, members, staff, clients or partners. 

It unlocks a world of possibilities especially for recognition and validation of informal and lifelong learning and as a standard it has been adopted worldwide by an increasing number of organizations and learners. 

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