Date: 10.02.2022

Language: English

Open badges: let’s get active!

Open badges: let’s get active!

The weird world of open badge use in education offers an opportunity for learners to be the prime agents in their learning. However, for many this is unfamiliar territory and despite collecting and even sharing their badges online they do not realise the full potential of their artefacts. In this webinar I will share how we can better support and enhance the learner’s continued journey through the affordances of Open Badge Passport and the new Spaces functionality. I will also review critically some of the pitfalls and misunderstandings that create barriers to a more active use of open badges by both earners and creators.

Teresa MacKinnon will animate this OBF academy webinar on February 10th at 2pm UMT (3pm CET Paris time – 4pm Helsinki time).

Teresa MacKinnon @warwicklanguage on Twitter