ℹ️ How can I make my organisation visible on badges shared on LinkedIn?

To fully enable the one-click LinkedIn add-to-profile feature for your recipients, you will need to include your LinkedIn Organisation ID in your Open Badge Factory account.

Open Badge Factory offers the capability for recipients to easily include their open badges on their profiles with a single click. To establish the link between your LinkedIn company page and the badges you issue, giving your organization the best possible visibility, you must set up your organization’s LinkedIn ID in Open Badge Factory settings.

Entering your LinkedIn ID is:

Making your Open Badges recognition system visible and promoting it, enhancing your visibility and reputation. This can attract the attention of professionals, partners, and bring you new endorsements!
Strengthening the credibility of your badges: Your company’s presence on LinkedIn bolsters the credibility of its open badges, demonstrating its commitment to recognition and skill development. This can attract new learners, partners, or employees.
Facilitating professional networking: Your badge recipients will be more inclined to publish and share your badges if your LinkedIn page is linked and visible. These publications promote interactions, thus creating networking opportunities for your badge recipients!

What Does the LinkedIn Organisation ID Do?

Without providing your LinkedIn Organisation ID,  if your recipients click the Add to Linkedin profile, the shared open badge won’t have your logo or link to your company page:

Share badge on Linkedin profile
With or without your Linkedin Org. ID

Where Do I Find My LinkedIn Organisation ID?

The LinkedIn Company ID is a string of numbers, usually 6 to 9 digits long, that is unique to your company.

  1. Log in to LinkedIn as the admin for your business’ Organisation Page
  2. Check the URL used when you are logged in as the admin
  3. Your LinkedIn Organisation ID will be visible in the URL:

In this example, Open Badge Factory’s LinkedIn Org ID is shown:

Identifiant de votre page Linkedin
Identifiant de votre page Linkedin

Where Do I set the LinkedIn Organization ID in Open Badge Factory?

Your OBF administrator can enter your Linkedin Organization ID, from the Admin Tools > Organisation details:

Set your Linkedin Org. ID