New features on your reports and dashboard!

🔥 We’re thrilled to announce the rollout of some new features on your reports and dashboard! 🔥

1️⃣ New KPIs: Keep track of your project with added metrics including your overall acceptance rate, pending endorsements, and newly shared badges. 📊
2️⃣ Enhanced Reporting: Dive deeper into your data with the ability to generate reports based on multiple badges, categories, issuing dates and/or expiration dates. 📈
3️⃣ Extended Insights: Gain comprehensive insights with detailed reports featuring event names, issuer names, categories, and tags. 📝
4️⃣ Badge Reports: Easily access reports on your shared badges
5️⃣ Enhanced Control: Customize your reports by editing issuing event names or removing them altogether. ✂️
6️⃣ Categorization: Stay organized by counting badges within specific categories. 📋
7️⃣ Visibility Settings: Make your Instagram page visible on your Passport page to showcase your full online presence. 📸

And that’s not all! There’s much more to explore and leverage within our platform. 🔍