Päivä: 13.02.2020

Language: Suomi

Case – Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange

Using Open Badges for recognition of participation in Virtual Exchange: the Erasmus Plus Experience, Virtual Exchange experience

Teresa MacKinnon, Associate Professor from University of Warwick, UK, will present a case study drawn from the experiences of using Open Badge Factory to create an ecosystem of badges for virtual exchange.

Virtual exchange is technology-enabled people-to-people dialogues sustained over a period of time. It:

  • uses new media platforms to enable deep, interactive social learning
  • was developed over 30 years from experience in the field of educational exchange and study abroad
  • makes it possible for every young person to have meaningful, transnational and intercultural experiences
  • prepares, deepens, and extends physical exchanges

This European Commission initiative brings together multiple partners to expand the reach and scope of the Erasmus+ programme, engaging at least 17,000 young people. It provides an accessible, innovative way for young people in Europe and the Southern Mediterranean to engage in meaningful intercultural experiences online, as part of their formal or non-formal education. Open Badges are used to promote visibility and recognition of the engagement in Virtual Exchange opportunities we offer. The digital nature of this form of recognition reflects and enhances the digital skills acquired through this initiative.