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The holder of this badge is a contributor. He or she has created or edited at least one badge content in Wikibadges or created a help page, a tutorial, or any kind of resource to support Wikibadges users. is a collaborative tool to support open recognition. It is a free, simple online wiki that individuals and communities can use to co-create Open Badge content (badge classes). All badge content created in Wikibadges is licensed under CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. Anyone can freely create, edit and copy badge classes for issuing. is an initiative developed and hosted by Open Badge Factory

If you have contributed to the creation of any content into Wikibadges, this badge is for you! Don't hesitate to share it to attract new Wikibadges members! If you wish to tell more about your contribution you can do it in the form below. You can also give some feedback and development ideas or suggestions.

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