HPass Community Champion

HPass Community Champion




HPass is a platform enabling humanitarians to gain verifiable evidence of their skills and experience, in the form of digital badges. These can be displayed on an online profile (myHPass) which is maintained throughout their careers as they move between locations and organisations.


knowledge-transfer, learning
The holder of this badge has demonstrated a commitment to humanitarian learning and skills development, by furthering their own learning, and then sharing it with others, and are supporting HPass to develop its network of humanitarian learners.

In order to earn this badge, the holder provided evidence that they had:

  • Shared 3 different badges which they had earned on social media, alongside their reflections about the courses or activities they undertook to earn the badges.

Please complete the following form to claim your HPass Community Champion badge. The form will ask you to provide evidence of the activities you completed, as well as a couple of additional questions.

In order for us to check the social media posts, you will need to have tagged HPass. If you have forgotten to do so, you can always go back and tag us in the comments on the posts now!
You will need to complete your myHPass profile in order to be eligible for the badge. You can log in at this address: https://my.hpass.org/app/user/login
Your profile and at least three badges should be public in order to be eligible for the HPass Community Champion badge.
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