Responsible action

Responsible action

Digi- ja väestötietovirasto edistää yhteiskunnan digitalisaatiota, turvaa tietojen saatavuutta ja tarjoaa palveluja asiakkaiden elämäntapahtumiin.


TIEKE Tietoyhteiskunnan kehittämiskeskus ry on vaikuttaja, verkottaja ja vauhdittaja digitaalisen osaamisen kehittämisen ja digitaalisten toimintaprosessien edistämisen alueilla.


CompetitiveSkills, copyright, messaging, presentationgraphics, responsibility, socialmedia, well-being
The recipient of this badge is able to act in a responsible manner in digital environments.


The recipient of the badge can

  • recognise how the use of digital devices and applications impacts health and well-being
  • use messaging services and social media services in a responsible manner
  • take copyright into account when using and sharing information
  • create and edit digital image content (presentation graphics) in compliance with copyrights

Demonstration of competence

The recipient of this badge demonstrated their competence in a separate application form.

A digital open badge is a standardised proof of competence.

Nationwide open badge constellation

The nationwide open badge constellation has been developed in the Competitive Skills project (Osuvat Taidot, from 2019 to 2021) funded by the European Social Fund.

Issuer endorsements

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  • Teemme yhteistyötä tämän organisaation kanssa

  • Myönnämme tämän organisaation merkkejä

  • Jaamme merkit tämän organisaation kanssa

  • This organisation is a trusted member of our network

  • We recognise badges issued by this organisation

  • We design or co-create badges in collaboration with this organisation

  • Badges created and issued by this organisation align with our standards

  • Suunnittelemme tai kehitämme yhteistyössä merkkejä tämän organisaation kanssa

  • Jaamme merkit tämän organisaation kanssa

  • Teemme yhteistyötä tämän organisaation kanssa

Complete the attached application form and answer the questions in the form.

If you answer the questions correctly, you will be awarded an Open Badge for Responsible action.

1. Select one (1) presentation graphics application program and open a new presentation. 2. Add a title slide as the first slide. Enter "Digital Well-Being" as the title of the presentation. Add your own name to the title slide. 3. Add a second slide. Write three (3) examples of how using digital devices and applications can negatively affect your well-being. 4. Add a third slide to your presentation. Enter three (3) examples of how using digital devices and applications can improve your well-being. 5. Add a fourth slide to your presentation. Add one (1) image that you have found on the Internet. Make sure that you have permission to use the image. On the slide, enter information about the image’s origin and copyright. 6. Save your slide show to your device or cloud service. 7. Attach the slide show to the Badge application.
If you submit the task as a link, share the link here. Remember to check the file sharing settings before sharing the link.
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