Working life skills

Working life skills



This badge indicates your ability to cope in the labour market and to be able to promote the acquired skills set needed to apply for a new job.


  • to know the trends and changes in working life
  • promoting the skills needed while applying a job
  • to learn and work both collaboratively and autonomously
  • promote problem-solving attitude to support the individual’s ability to handle obstacles and change

Some material gathered for your essay, you can also find your own:

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Write an "essay" or make a presentation answering the following questions. You can also record (video/audio) your answers. Remember to justify your answers.

  • What are the trends and changes that you need to take into consideration in your own professional field?

  • What are the skills that are needed in your professional field in the (near) future?

  • What kind of skills are needed to work both independently and in a team? How do these skills support problem solving?

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