Personal and social wellbeing

Personal and social wellbeing



This badge indicates that you are able to cope with uncertainty and complexity, support your physical and emotional well-being, to maintain physical and mental health, and to be able to lead a health-conscious, future-oriented life, empathize and manage conflict in an inclusive and supportive context. This is a prerequisite badge for the Personal and social wellbeing meta badge.


  • Awareness that individual behaviour, personal characteristics and social and environmental factors influence health and wellbeing

  • Understanding potential risks for wellbeing, and using reliable information and services for health and social protection

  • Adoption of a sustainable lifestyle that respects the environment, and the physical and mental wellbeing of self and others, while seeking and offering social support

To find out more about how to turn ideas into action, check these links:

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To cultivate our personal and social wellbeing we need to improve our physical, social, cognitive and emotional wellbeing.

  • For each of these areas, identify one of your strengths and one of your weaknesses, and describe your "recipe" to face your challenges. For example: for physical dimension, a person might be used to exercising to keep fit (strong point) but might have some difficulties in managing his/her sleep/wake rhythms (weak point). To overcome this, he/she might establish a routine with a schedule to be respected for sleeping and waking up and try to include relaxing activities in the evenings before sleeping time... (you can either write a description or record an audio file of your answer).

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