Understanding social, economic, legal and political concepts and structure

Understanding social, economic, legal and political concepts and structure




This badge shows that you have the ability to act as responsible citizens and to fully participate in civic and social life, based on understanding of social, economic, legal and political concepts and structures.


  • Knowing distinctive factors of the EU from the point of view of political concepts and structure
  • To understand the diversity of member countries from the economic, social and economic point of view and their different forms of expression
  • To know the main ways to access/move/work in a member country
  • To use effective models of action to take advantage of the opportunity to be "digital natives", to search for new relationships and to participate in a collective intelligence, in a unique era for quantity and quality of information.

To learn more about the topic, visit: https://www.europarl.europa.eu/ambassador-school/en/learning-resources.html
https://europa.eu/learning-corner/quiz_en. https://europa.eu/learning-corner/eu-timeline/overview_en


Choose an EU country in which you would like to do an internship, report on the main characteristics of the chosen country (political structure, climate, customs of the area where you would like to go, characteristics of the local productive fabric linking them to the reasons why you chose that country).

Prepare a presentation in which, as if you were an interviewee, you explain why you would like to do an internship in the chosen area.

You can post a multimedia audio/video/text document as you prefer. Remember that the presentation should be attractive and as complete as possible with the main information about the country.

It is not necessary to copy and paste what you find on the web, but choose carefully the most useful and significant information to achieve your objective.

From what you find, choose the information that can help you most during the arrival and adaptation phase in the country you have chosen, for example: how health care works on site if you need it, what kind of legal organization there is, the main rules of safety at work and the documents you need to prepare before leaving, interesting places you would like to visit, food habits, curiosities or information you would like to verify in person once you have arrived.

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