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Program DPro Foundation



PM4NGOs is an international NGO that promotes and sustains the professionalism of program and project management in the international development sector and is the owner of Project DPro and Program DPro.

Making the world better Read the Project DPro Story and understand how we are dedicated to make the world a better place, one project at a time.


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Program DPro Foundation certification is based on an exam that assesses mastery of the Program DPro Guide definitions, tools, and techniques. Owned and accredited by PM4NGOs, it is developed with experts from several of the world’s best-known and highly recognized non-profit organizations.


The examination is available on-line at the PM4NGOs Exams Platform and requires candidates to demonstrate that they know and understanding content of the Program DPro Guide. The exams are multiple choice with 75 questions. The pass mark is 65% – or 49 correct answers.

The learning objectives for the Program DPro Foundation examination are found in the Appendix of the Program DPro Guide.

**The Program DPro Foundation aims to provide evidence of your ability to: perform as a fully-fledged program manager – able to offer leadership to project managers and their teams; align projects with the goals and overarching strategy of an organization; deliver high quality humanitarian, development and environmental programs; conquer the challenge of coordination, creating synergies between projects and maximizing impact of programs; thrive in a dynamic sector – able to innovate with solutions that allow country and regional teams to be responsive; play an essential contributing role in helping NGOs address poverty, disease, violence, social injustice, environmental degradation and humanitarian disaster.

In addition to your downloadable PDF certificate we have provided you with a digital credential badge that you can display online to share your new competency. This robust credential contains verifiable links to your certification body.

Make sure you enter your name and the same email used on the Exam System on your application.

Your badge request will be reviewed by PM4NGOs team and you will receive a message confirming when it has been approved.

Due to privacy policies, we do not transfer your information and certificate across platforms. This is the reason why we ask you to enter your name, email, and upload your certificate.

Due to privacy policies, we do not transfer your information and certificate across platforms. This is the reason why we ask you to upload your certificate.

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