Open Recognition Ambassador

Open Recognition Ambassador


Open Recognition Alliance

--- Reconnaître - Open Recognition Alliance --- Reconnaître est la branche francophone de l'Open Recognition Alliance. Elle fait la promotion de la reconnaissance des acquis de l'apprentissage, soutient la construction de l'identité, la citoyenneté, le développement de carrière, les organisations et les territoires apprenants, la confiance et le pouvoir d'agir.

--- The Open Recognition Alliance--- Promoting the recognition of learning achievements to support identity construction, citizenship, career development, learning organisations and territories, trust and empowerment.

This badge recognises the holder as an Ambassador of the Open Recognition Alliance.

The duties of an Open Recognition Ambassador are as follows:

  • Sign the Bologna Open Recognition Declaration to demonstrate support for the values of Open Recognition
  • Provide a brief bio and summary of how you see your role of Ambassador playing out in your community.
  • Participate in ORA Community Calls on a semi-regular (ideally at least monthly) basis and refer potential Call presenters to the Community Call production team
  • Seek occasional opportunities to speak at events in your region on the topic of Open Recognition (e.g. TEDx, PechaKucha, local conferences)
  • Agree to be interviewed by the news media as required
  • Gather and share intelligence on initiatives opening recognition
  • Promote Open Recognition and the Open Recognition Alliance on social media using @OpenRecognition #OpenRecognition, #OpenBadges
  • Meet with fellow ambassadors on a quarterly basis, virtually or face to face

The benefits of an Open Recognition Ambassador comprise:

  • Free individual membership and benefits associated to the membership
  • Human and technical support to help grow a community of peers to advance the understanding and practices of Open Recognition
  • Public visibility and acknowledgement

An ambassador can represent the Open Recognition Alliance at different levels: Country, State, Region, Territory and/or Sector. It would be therefore possible to have one (or two) Ambassadors for Germany and one (or two) for the different Länder. We aim at gender balance among Ambassadors (yet, a majority of women might be preferable to a majority of men...).

Therefore, before starting the application, please check whether there is already an ambassador in the Country, State, Region, Territory and/or Sector where you want to represent the Open Recognition Alliance. If there is already one, please justify why you should apply.

If you have not yet signed the Bologna Open Recognition Declaration, you can do it now going to this page.

Please provide a short biography to introduce yourself to your peer ambassadors and the community where you intend to promote Open Recognition.
Please provide link(s) to your online profile(s): personal site or blog, Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter accounts, etc.
Please provide a summary of how you see your role of Ambassador playing out in your community, the target audiences you intend to reach, how you will reach them and the kinds of messages you will be communicating.
Please indicate in which Country/State/Region/Territory/Sector you intend to represent Open Recognition
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