Digipeda Assessor

Digipeda Assessor

Haaga-Helia is a private university of applied sciences that provides education for professionals and specialists in business and services.


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The Competency Badge demonstrates that you are able to build a technical learning environment for your online course according to the Quality Criteria for Online Implementations at Haaga-Helia. The Digipeda Assessor competence badge is part of the Digipeda Expert competence badge, which consists of three basic competence badges (Digipeda Designer, Digipeda Scaffolder and Digipeda Assessor).

Learning outcomes

You will be able to design and implement learning assignments, interaction and assessment that support online learning.

Assessment criteria

Learning assignments

  • The assignments promote the achievement of learning objectives and are suitable for online learning.
  • The assignments are designed to correspond with or anticipate actual working life situations.
  • The objective, the procedure, the evaluation criteria and the schedule of the assignments are clearly described.


  • The implementation utilizes modes of interaction and tools that support the achievement of learning objectives in an optimal manner.
  • The students have an opportunity for mutual interaction.


  • The assessment criteria are based on the learning objectives of the course.
  • The assessment criteria and methods are detailed on the online platform.
  • The assessment is carried out in accordance with the assessment criteria and the pedagogical solutions.

Describe and justify how the requirements according to the assessment criteria of the competence mark are realized in your course.

• Make a screenshot video recording of the learning platform you are using (Moodle, Teams). Describe and justify in the video, in the order of the quality criteria, how you have the requirements of the competence badge criteria are fulfilled in your course. Consider student privacy. In your application, please state the name and code of the course on the learning platform.

• Share links with read access.

• Make sure that the content of all the criteria for the competence badge appears in your descriptions.

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