Canvas Ninja

Canvas Ninja


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A Canvas Ninja is someone who has demonstrated evidence of facilitating meaningful conversations using Change Canvases. You may use one of the standard Lean Change Management canvases found at or a custom one provided the context is a change for leaderse, a team, department or organization.
  • evidence from 3 change canvas sessions (why you ran the session, what canvas you used and why, and what happened. Bonus points for showing an outcome 1 month or after the session)
  • text-based testimonial from at least 1 participant in each session
  • pictures of the canvas, or from the session (with any sensitive information taken out)
  • if pictures are not possible, a mockup is ok provided there are stories and testimonials from people that were in the session

Lean Change Management Canvas Ninja Application

Your application will be reviewed within a few days and then you'll receive a request for more information if needed. You'll be able to finish your application at a later date so the first "name and email" boxes will allow you to retrieve your application.

Details for your application

Tell us why you believe you've earned this credential. Include any links to blog posts, videos, or otherwise.
upload your image, or if you have multiple, a ZIP file of all of your images.
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