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SkillSafari works to create successful careers through recognition and validation of skills through our badging approach. Our trusted and digital badging solution is based on years of working with skills development and our will to create pathways to successful careers.


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This badge is awarded for people who read and contributed their time to learn about Digital Credentials at from the ADEA Blog in December 2018


The earner of this badge has read a blog post "Digital credentials: A new solution for skills recognition" that appeared at the ADEA Blog in December 2018. The blog post is written by Ms. Satu Järvinen Founder & CEO of SkillSafari.

To get the badge, the recipient has read the blog post and left a comment on their thoughts about the blog contents.

The badge is being awarded by SkillSafari for each recipient individually, based on their badge application.

Fill in your email in the field below. The email is the adress to which your badge wil be issued.

In addition, please leave a short comment on the comment box below telling us what you think of the post. Also, if you have additional questions, here you can let us know!

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