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HPass Supporter




HPass is a platform enabling humanitarians to gain verifiable evidence of their skills and experience, in the form of digital badges. These can be displayed on an online profile (myHPass) which is maintained throughout their careers as they move between locations and organisations.

The holder of this badge firmly supports the mission of HPass: recognition of the knowledge, skills and experience of humanitarians everywhere, no matter how they were obtained. HPass uses digital credentials based on Open Badges to recognise humanitarians and volunteers. This badge recognises the support of this individual for HPass.


This badge has been claimed by its holder to declare support for HPass and its mission.

To claim the badge, they completed a short questionnaire, explaining why they support HPass. That explanation is linked as evidence in their badge as an ongoing reminder of their support.

This badge can be shared from myHPass, the free online community for humanitarians to store and share Open Badges.

Open Badges are alternative digital credentials that can recognise many things: knowledge, skills, experience, membership, achievements... even declarations like this one!

Declare your support - claim this badge yourself

You can also support HPass by claiming this badge. Complete the short questionnaire at: bit.ly/HPassSupporter

Please complete this questionnaire as thoughtfully as you can.

Your answers will be linked as evidence in the badge you receive. You can remove that link if you wish.

This badge will be issued automatically when you submit. Check your email.

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The HPass team

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