Lean Change Management Storyteller

Lean Change Management Storyteller


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Everyone loves stories! Have you implemented something from Lean Change Management in the wild? Earn this badge by telling your story on leanchange.org/stories
  • minimum 1 page case study
  • validation from at least 3 people affected by the change
  • pictures of change canvases, lean coffee sessions, and visualizations used (if possible)
  • 15-minute video interview

Lean Change Management Storytelling Badge Application


  • validation from at least 3 other people involved in the change (ideally people who were affected, whether or not they supported the change doesn't matter...even testimonials from skeptics will work!)
  • must have used one practise or idea from Lean Change Management (extra credit is given if you tweaked the practises for your context!)
  • appear on the Modern Change podcast to answer questions about your story!

In your story please include:

  • brief reason about why the change came to be
  • what the change was about (agile transformation? digital transformation? new tool? re-org?)
  • what worked well
  • what didn't work well
  • challenges and how you overcame them

Story Example: https://leanchange.org/2016/11/how-to-make-change-matter-using-change-canvases/

If approved, your bio will be displayed on the article posted to leanchange.org/stories
Make sure to read the criteria above and include the required information!
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