Safeguarding Essentials

Safeguarding Essentials

The earner understands the importance of safeguarding, the standards of conduct required, and how to recognise and report safeguarding issues in a humanitarian and development setting.


Safeguarding Essentials is a self-guided online course for the humanitarian and development sectors. It introduces safeguarding: what it is, who we are safeguarding, and who we are safeguarding them from. It is a foundational piece of learning and/or a refresher for all working with vulnerable people and takes 1-1.5 hours to study.

It is experiential, thought-provoking and rich in interactivity, with formative activities throughout which learners archive in their learning journal for future reference. A summative test at the end of the course requires a pass mark of 80%.

Learners who complete the course will understand the importance of safeguarding, know the non-negotiable standards of conduct, recognise safeguarding concerns, and know how to report them.