Enhance Your Future

Enhance Your Future

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Earners of this badge have successfully completed all four workshops of the Enhance Your Future Programme. They have gained the tools and knowledge needed to kickstart their planning for a successful career path and to make the most of their university experience. By completing this programme, they have demonstrated their commitment to self-development and career management.
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University of Plymouth



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This activity takes hours to complete. Earners access this activity for free.

  • Earner has developed an understanding of their self-awareness and has reflected upon their values and personality, as well as how these can influence ideal work environments.
  • Earner has discovered tools open to them for exploring work experience and graduate opportunities, including networking and the benefits this can provide for career research and personal development.
  • Earner has gained an awareness of different decision making styles and the importance of using a combination of these to ensure they are effectively broadening their horizons, as well as an awareness of building a growth mindset and increasing their resilience to assist with career decision making.
  • Earner has learnt what is meant by a personal brand, including how to create and showcase their own, effectively articulating the breadth and depth of their skills and abilities using relevant language and techniques, to the gatekeepers of future opportunities.
  • This badge is only available to Students, Members or Employees
  • University of Plymouth, Drake Circus, Plymouth, United Kingdom, PL4 8AA


Cities of Learning Badging Standard - Participate Layer


This badge has been mapped to the Participation Layer of the Cities of Learning Badging Standard. The earner has met expectations, can interact with learning and is able to join in with others.

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