The Mentoring Club - Certified Mentor

The Mentoring Club - Certified Mentor

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The Mentoring Club is a German non-profit organisation offering a platform for experts world wide to donate their time as a mentor to those who want to development themselves and grow their career. We are certifying those mentors who receive positive feedback from their mentees and schedule at least 10 mentoring sessions (
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The Mentoring Club provides free mentoring for engineering and product enthusiasts, marketing & communication managers, designers, people managers, startup founders and creative minds.

The online network, founded in April 2020 by Jessica Dewald and Bastian Buch, already connects over 100 mentors from around the world with those who are keen to learn, grow and advance in their personal development. Mentees can easily join and book a session with any of the experienced mentors through the online platform. The conversations are confidential and relationships are managed between the mentor and mentee. Guidelines (rules of engagement), structure and organisational growth is overseen by the founders.

Mentees come from organisations including Siemens, Amazon, KPMG, Slack, Zalando, Spotify and Delivery Hero, to name a few.


With the badge, we confirm that:

  • The mentor is an active mentor at The Mentoring Club (
  • The person received at least 5 positive feedbacks from mentees via the platform
  • The person did at least 10 mentoring sessions via The Mentoring Club
  • The person is an active supporter of The Mentoring Club platform by donating their time.

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