CMALT Assessor

CMALT Assessor
This open digital badge is issued to individuals in recognition of their contribution as an Assessor in relation to the CMALT Accreditation Framework. Assessors play an important role and carry out assessments voluntarily as part of their own continued professional development.

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Association for Learning Technology

Association for Learning Technology




The CMALT Accreditation Framework is run by the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) and provides pathways to peer-assessed accreditation for Learning Technology professionals in the UK and internationally who are actively involved in understanding, managing, researching, supporting or enabling learning with the use of Learning Technology.

Achieving certified membership through the CMALT scheme is recognition from your peers that you are a current practitioner. Certified Holders are listed on the ALT Website and are eligible to act as an Assessor upon receiving their certification.

There are three pathways, Associate CMALT, CMALT and Senior CMALT. CMALT Portfolios are assessed by two assessors in accordance with the Assessment Criteria outlined in the CMALT guidance. We aim to assign assessors to portfolios who have themselves completed that specific pathway or have progressed from it, i.e. assessors who have gained CMALT may assess Associate CMALT and CMALT portfolios, and assessors who have gained Senior CMALT may assess all pathways.

Acting as a CMALT Assessor enables certified members to undertake valuable CPD and contribute to the successful running of the CMALT scheme and ALT community.

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