Fostering Educators' Digital Competence

Fostering Educators' Digital Competence

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The FORTHEM Digital Academy offers this course as part of “Teach the Trainer'' programme on digital competence of educators. This course offers a unique opportunity for participants to reflect on their digital competence as educators and further develop their teaching practices by gaining different perspectives, valuable feedback and tips from European colleagues and experts.
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The earner of this open badge has participated in the Fostering Educators’ Digital Competence – FORTHEM Course from 07 October to 9 November 2021. The course organised by FORTHEM Alliance, a network of several Universities in EU, as part of the "Teach the Trainer" programme on educators' digital competence. FORTHEM ( stands for "Fostering Outreach within European Regions, Transnational Higher Education and Mobility". The earner of the badge submitted all the mandatory assignments and actively participated in minimum three out of five online events (interactive workshops and wrap up seminar) that organised in the context of the course. The minimum study time devoted to the course was 30 hours. Throughout the course, learners understood the concept of digital competence of educators and its main characteristics based on the DigCompEdu framework; used SELFIEforTEACHERS tool to reflect on their digital competence as educators; practised on how to (re)design effective online/blended courses and activities following the backward design approach; and utilised various online tools and digital resources to support their online/blended teaching and learning.

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