PM4NGOs Training Partner - Puerto Rico

PM4NGOs Training Partner - Puerto Rico

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This badge confirm its recipient as a PM4NGOs Training Partner organization or company As an independent certifying organization, PM4NGOs does not offer training courses, but relies upon multiple training partners globally to expand access to project management approaches and practices. PM4NGOs works closely with Training Partners to produce and share high quality and most updated training materials. Training Partners are independent organizations that are responsible for the training courses and services they offer.
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The Training Partners Program is not a subscription process. To receive this badge, training organizations must apply and provide evidence of several quality aspects of their courses and trainers, following the process available at the PM4NGOs website.

PM4NGOs Training Partners:

  • Ensure that its trainers are certified in the Project DPro, Program DPro, or FMD Pro methodology that they facilitate with a score (pass rate) over 80%.
  • Demonstrate that its trainers have experience with the non-profit / governmental sector (at least 3 years, evidence required).
  • Demonstrate that its trainers have completed a Training-of-Trainers course or provide evidence of at least 2 years’ experience in training project management and/or nonprofit courses/topics.
  • Comply with PM4NGOs Code of Ethics.
  • Align materials and communications with the PM4NGOs Branding Guidelines.
  • Work closely with PM4NGOs to cooperate in the promotion of Project DPro, Program DPro, and FMD Pro methodologies, training courses and learning opportunities.

Attending the Training Partners Program criteria does not make any organization automatically entitled to become a partner. The process is reviewed and approved by a PM4NGOs Board Committee after comprehensive and detailed analysis.

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