Problem Based Learning Tutor Training

Problem Based Learning Tutor Training

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This badge is intended to introduce the steps involved in teaching through Problem Based Learning tutorials developed at the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences UCC. As such it will provide introductory training in how to teach students through the PBL method for individuals who have a role as a tutor in any UCC modules that use or would like to use PBL, either as the main method of delivery or as individual or occasional components of a module. We are targeting university tutors currently involved in PBL tutoring at any level and to any degree, and incoming tutors who require training to facilitate PBL mediated learning content. Training will be sufficient for tutors to introduce PBL in modules and use PBL design criteria for teaching material.
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Training and support in Problem Based Learning techniques are needed in order to develop the skills of potential tutors and to encourage the use of this teaching methodology in other disciplines. PBL design is effective in developing student-led learning skills in a small-group context, with scaffolding from trained tutors.

  • Differentiate the eleven PBL process steps.
  • Assess the learning rationale for each step.
  • Apply PBL design principles to own subject area.
  • Design a PBL case using key features of PBL design.

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