Eco-Design Innovator

Eco-Design Innovator

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Harley Quinn

The Eco-Design Innovator badge is awarded to individuals who exhibit exceptional skills in creating innovative, sustainable, and eco-friendly designs. Recipients of this badge have demonstrated a commitment to minimizing environmental impact and promoting a circular economy through their thoughtful and forward-thinking design practices.

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OBF Training Academy (Sandbox)

OBF Training Academy (Sandbox)

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OBF Training Academy (Sandbox)

OBF Training Academy est l'environnement de formation Open Badge Factory. Les badges créés dans cet environnement sont des badges imaginés durant des ateliers / formations.

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Level 1: Green Concepts Submit a design project that showcases an understanding of eco-friendly design principles. Incorporate at least one sustainable material or process into the design. Provide a written explanation of how the design minimizes resource consumption and waste generation.

Level 2: Sustainable Solutions Create a design that addresses a specific environmental challenge, such as reducing plastic waste or promoting energy efficiency. Use a minimum of two sustainable materials or processes in the design. Present the design with visual representations and detailed annotations highlighting its eco-friendly features and benefits.

Level 3: Circular Design Mastery Develop a comprehensive design project that follows circular economy principles, focusing on durability, repairability, and recyclability. Implement innovative strategies, such as upcycling or modular design, to extend the product's lifecycle. Provide a detailed life cycle assessment that quantifies the environmental benefits of the design compared to traditional alternatives.

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