Hub Ambassador - Canada

Hub Ambassador - Canada

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PM4NGOs Hubs are DPro subject matter experts (volunteers) who represent PM4NGOs in specific country or region, providing support to learners and practitioners around the world. A PM4NGOs Hub contributes to the development of professional standards that shape the future of the profession by sharing the experience and feedbacks from local organizations, professionals, universities, and students, helping professionals and students build experience and grow their careers through the development of local activities / events, and leading the production of contextualized materials.
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The mission of a PM4NGOs Hub is to promote the PM4NGOs activities, platforms, tools, opportunities, events, and advocate for PM4NGOs methodologies through local volunteers, providing empowerment to regions and local entities.

PM4NGOs Hubs are volunteers who: - engage the community of practitioners on a local level, using culturally and contextually appropriate methods and tools. - strengthen networking and collaboration between local and global project managers, share project experiences and lessons learned, and support project managers in their certification efforts. - establish a voice for the community of practitioners on a local level. - provide local presence in specific geographic areas and promote PM4NGOs methodologies, guides, and brand.

PM4NGOs Hubs profiles are also available at the PM4NGOs website, at

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