Outstanding Mentor

Outstanding Mentor

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The Mentoring Club is a platform for experts worldwide to offer their time as mentors to those who want to develop themselves and grow their careers. The "Outstanding Mentor" badge goes to everyone who conducted more than 30 mentoring sessions and received at least 15 positive reviews.
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The Mentoring Club provides mentoring for engineering and product enthusiasts, marketing & communication managers, designers, people managers, startup founders, and creative minds.

The online network connects over 10.000 people worldwide with those keen to learn, grow, and advance their personal development. Mentees can easily join and book a session with any of the experienced mentors through the online platform. The conversations are confidential, and relationships between the mentor and mentee are managed.

Mentees come from organizations such as Siemens, Amazon, KPMG, Slack, Zalando, Spotify, and Delivery Hero, to name a few.


With the "outstanding mentor" badge, we confirm that:

  • The mentor is an active mentor at The Mentoring Club (www.mentoring-club.com)
  • The person received at least 15 positive feedback from mentees via the platform
  • The person did at least 30 mentoring sessions via the Mentoring Club
  • The person actively supports The Mentoring Club platform

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