Team building activities introducer

Team building activities introducer

During the CoBle project Individualized Learning in Collaborative and Blended Learning Environments are studied. Achieved competences are demonstrated and assessed as well as recognized with the open badge concept. The project time is 01/2022-12/2023. Project partners: HAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland IFOA, Italy ITECH, Germany The School of Novo Mesto, Slovenia CPI - The institute of republic of Slovenia vocational education and training, Slovenia


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The team building activities - like the name says – build up a team. The group is not the same as the team. The difference between team work and group work is organization, communication, stated goals, the trust between teammates, knowledge transfer, problem and conflict solving and decision making. The moderating process lets teammates get to know each other in a fun way. Communication, participation and the bonds made while socializing in a relaxed way are what we also need in a nice working environment. The productivity increases, there is a better atmosphere, there is more creativity and the team members are a lot more innovative.


Team building activities introducer

The candidate for a bage is able to:

  • Form and support a succesfull learning team

  • Manage effective environment for team work

  • Intervene with planned teams activities to support team development

Assessment criteria:

  • The candidate is able to demonstrate a good command of all stages of team development and different roles of team members in the description of the team situation

  • The candidate plans and manage team building activities according to the situation

  • He/She uses digital tools to improve the efficiency of virtual team activities

  Skill demonstration:

  1. Choose one stage of team development. Describe possible problems that can occure in this stage.Create plan of apropriate team building activities to resolve them. Text (approx. 2-4 pages) with description of chosen methods and tools, explanation of motivational processes and results and reflection as well as a self-reflection.

  2. Implement one virtual team building activity and analyze it. Make a video of the activity or documentation with some pictures.

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