Expert in technical set up and tools for blended learning

Expert in technical set up and tools for blended learning

During the CoBle project Individualized Learning in Collaborative and Blended Learning Environments are studied. Achieved competences are demonstrated and assessed as well as recognized with the open badge concept. The project time is 01/2022-12/2023. Project partners: HAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland IFOA, Italy ITECH, Germany The School of Novo Mesto, Slovenia CPI - The institute of republic of Slovenia vocational education and training, Slovenia


blended, competence, design, learning, professional, tools
The first step in creating effective blended teaching is to know the tools that can help achieve the desired learning objectives. Each teacher is free to use the tools he or she feels are most appropriate, but he or she must know them in depth and how to help students when needed.


Competence objective

The earner of the badge is able to

  • Choose the digital tool best suited to the learning objective
  • Prepare digital tools so that they can be used during lectures, workshops and blended or distance learning processes
  • Preventing the most common difficulties when using digital tools and technically supporting users

Assessment criteria

The earner of the badge

  • Has created a digital learning environment and prepared it for student use
  • Guides students to use digital tools
  • Prevents or solves common problems

Skills demonstration

  • Choose the most appropriate digital tools for the activity you want to deliver, and explain in depth in a text your case of study and the reasons for your choice
  • Demonstrate your learning environment e.g. uploading files, via your ePortfolio, or others suitable way

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