ePortfolio expert

ePortfolio expert

During the CoBle project Individualized Learning in Collaborative and Blended Learning Environments are studied. Achieved competences are demonstrated and assessed as well as recognized with the open badge concept. The project time is 01/2022-12/2023. Project partners: HAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland IFOA, Italy ITECH, Germany The School of Novo Mesto, Slovenia CPI - The institute of republic of Slovenia vocational education and training, Slovenia


competence, design, ePortfolio, learning, professional
According to the principle of continuous learning ePortfolios are implemented in learning processes and a learning design is created based on this phenomenon. Students’ competences are described in digital format into ePortfolios and professional field in question is considered. Teacher advices their students that competences are accumulated during a life time and they will be documented in ePortfolios. ePortfolio activities require own specific competence objectives and assessment criteria.


Competence objective

The earner of the badge is able to

  • create a learning design in which ePortfolios are implemented in students learning process
  • knows digital tools that can be used with students to create ePortfolios
  • formulate assessment criteria for ePortfolios
  • Implement ePortfolio practices in learning processes

Assessment criteria

The earner of the badge

  • Creates a learning design for ePortfolio processes implemented in professional field (discipline) studies
  • Suggests ePortfolio tools for their students and guides how to use them in ePortfolio processes
  • Creates competence objective and assessment criteria for ePortfolio work
  • Assess students’ competences based on their performance in ePortfolio documentation

Skills demonstration

Attach a link to your learning design where it is described an implemented ePortfolio activities in students’ learning process, formulated competence objectives and assessment criteria for ePortfolios, and teacher’s assessment process.

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