SDG entrepreneur

SDG entrepreneur


Cap Solidarités

Cap Solidarités est la plateforme lilloise pour la solidarité internationale. Nous accompagnons les citoyens pour lutter contre les inégalités et défendre les Droits Humains, partout dans le monde.

Cap Solidarités is the platform for international solidarity. We support citizens to fight against inequalities and defend human rights everywhere in the world.


citizen, global, goals, skills, sustainable
The badge-holder can integrate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their professional lives. They can identify opportunities to contribute towards the SDGs and contribute to projects aligned to the SDGs.

This badge recognises that during an interactive e-learning, the beneficiary learnt about economic models and actors and their role in the economy. They reflected on how these link to progress on the SDGs.

Badge holders can analyse the skills needed to develop the SDGs and reflect on their own SDG skills journey. They can also directly contribute towards the SDGs in their personal and professional lives, and have developed a SDG project concept from scratch.


Global Steps (en)

This test allows you to reveal your global citizenship skills. ¡ These cross-cutting skills are a real asset to employability, and sought after by many recruiters for all profiles!

Any model from the course including GDP growth model would be legitimate

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