Exploration of Child & Adolescent Literature

Exploration of Child & Adolescent Literature


Teacher Pathway


The Teacher Pathway program provides training and work experience for future teachers in high schools and colleges.

This badge is awarded to Clovis Education Pathway students who complete the following key tasks and activities required in the introductory Clovis Unified Education Pathway course entitled Exploration of Child and Adolescent Literature.

-Complete at least 5 volunteer hours working with elementary-aged children. -Create an original children’s book. -Write a formal sample letter (argumentative) to a school board regarding the use of a controversial text in the classroom. -Complete all components of the e-portfolio. -Finish both semesters with a grade of “C” or better.

Please submit the following:

  • Upload time sheet/log with appropriate signatures
  • Link to the book
  • Upload the final draft of the sample letter
  • Link to website/e-portfolio

Please make sure it is publicly viewable.
Please make sure it is publicly viewable
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