Competent Voluntary Worker

Competent Voluntary Worker

The recipient of this badge has completed voluntary work in a long-term position of responsibility as a leader or an expert, developing his or her competence. Roihu 2016 was the seventh international scout camp organised by Suomen Partiolaiset - Finlands Scouter ry (The Guides and Scouts of Finland, GSF) in Evo, Finland. The camp - Finland's biggest youth event - was held 20.-28.7.2016 with over 17 000 scouts and guides of multiple nationalities.

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The recipient of this badge

  1. has committed themselves to voluntary work in a long-term position.

  2. is able to carry economic or functional responsibility.

  3. can successfully lead one or multiple subordinates or to develop and share their expertise.

  4. knows how to evaluate their own actions and development, as well as how to describe how they have developed these skills in the language of their workplace.

  5. is able to receive feedback and evaluate and develop their methods accordingly.

  6. is able to communicate interactively in different environments and channels.

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INSTRUCTIONS: Describe your assingment here. You may use the description in the staff position add or a description by your assignment supervisor.
INSTRUCTIONS: Which section/team does your assingment belong under?
INSTRUCTIONS: Length of the assignment in the form of: dd/mm/yyyy – dd/mm/yyyy.

Abilities required in the assignment: Activate the area of abilities which has been a part of your assignment. Describe your skills in that area in the box.

INSTRUCTIONS: Abilities in communication are interaction, listening, oral communication, written communication and appearing in front of an audience.
INSTRUCTIONS: Abilities in interaction are controlling conflicts, supervision of interests, representing, crisis work, compassion, negotiation skills, group work skills, social observation, tolerance and respecting others, emotional intelligence, coaching and directing, mutual understanding and communality.
INSTRUCTIONS: Abilities in networking are building networks, recognizing important contacts and maintaining the networks.
INSTRUCTIONS: Economic abilities are calculation, economic planning, economic observation and fundraising.
INSTRUCTIONS: Flexibility and initiative abilities are capability to be open for change, adapting to changes, being initiative and knowing what to do in new situations.
INSTRUCTIONS: Stratetical abilities are planning, analytical way of thinking, evaluation and feedback, problem solving, preparing for potential outcomes, being able to utilize what is at hand, prioritizing, risk evaluation, confirmation and understanding.
INSTRUCTIONS: Abilities in life management are desire and ability to learn, ability to organize and control use of time, recognizing personal strengths, independent work, self-guidance, self-esteem, self-image, self-understanding, learning from experience, maturity, practicality, logicality, reliability, motivation and ability to get motivated, recognising your role, not giving up, positive attitude, inner motivation, ability to set and reach personal goals, commitment, working under stress, handling emotions and stress, responsibility and taking responsibility.
INSTRUCTIONS: Leading abilities are coordination skills, ability to make decisions, ability to lead and to control conflicts, planning and organizational skills, professional practice in working environment, administrative supervision and guidance, and guiding people.
INSTRUCTIONS: International abilities are language skills, cultural encounters and tolerance.
INSTRUCTIONS: Abilities in projects are organizational skills, project planning, project leading, working on the project, evaluation of the project results, arranging events and planning concepts.
INSTRUCTIONS: Innovation and entrepreneurship abilities are ability to perceive, creativity, taking risks, visualization, carry out an idea, being innovative, daring to attempt and fail, social responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit.
INSTRUCTIONS: Abilities in sustainable development are eco-friendliness, respecting nature, sustainable economy and wise use of resources, and global responsibility.
INSTRUCTIONS: Abilities in development are evaluation skills, quality work, ability to give and receive feedback, developing your skills and evaluating your work.
INSTRUCTIONS: You may add here abilities which do not fit in the other areas. Such abilities are for example IT skills, safety, legal responsibilities and maintaining equipment.
INSTRUCTIONS: Select this if you have used your professional abilities in your Roihu assignment or if your assignment has developed your professional abilities. Describe the abilities freely. If you are a student and are going to use your Roihu assignment in your studies, please note the instructions of your educational institute. That way you may use the Open Badge when applying to transfer the study credits.
What did you do specifically successfully in this assignment?
INSTRUCTIONS: Describe what you found challenging or what kind of difficulties did you face and possibly managed to solve in your assignment.
INSTRUCTIONS: Tell more about the feedback you received from your supervisor, staff friends or "clients".
You may add attachments which show your capabilities. An attachment may be a photo, a video or a text file.
We want to research the use of Open Badges and how they have been used in recognizing and giving recognition in voluntary work as well as applying for jobs. We wish to contact you later. Thank you!
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