Finnjamboree Experience

Finnjamboree Experience

The recipient of this badge has done voluntary work at a camp and partaken in the camping programme of his or her age group. Granting the badge is based on the recipient's self-evaluation. Roihu 2016 was the seventh international scout camp organised by Suomen Partiolaiset - Finlands Scouter ry (The Guides and Scouts of Finland, GSF) in Evo, Finland. The camp - Finland's biggest youth event - was held 20.-28.7.2016 with over 17 000 scouts and guides of multiple nationalities.

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The recipient of this badge:

  1. knows how to be a part of a community in a voluntary work assingment.
  2. is able to plan their course of action (such as use of time, finances, break times) and to solve practical problems.
  3. is able to communicate and interact with others, maintain team spirit.
  4. understands different cultures and customs, as well as recognizes his or her own values and attitudes.
  5. moves safely and responsibly in nature.
  6. knows how to evaluate activities and how to receive feedback.

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INSTRUCTIONS: Describe what your assignment/assignments was/were like. What did you succeed in? What was difficult? What kind of feedback did you receive?
INSTRUCTIONS: What have you learned and experienced at Roihu? Select the ones you feel are right for you.
INSTRUCTIONS: Tell with your own words about what you have learned from Roihu. What kind of programmes did you take part in? What was the camping experience like? What did you succeed in? What was difficult? What kind of feedback did you receive?
You may add attachments which show your capabilities. An attachment may be a photo, a video or a text file.
We want to research the use of Open Badges and how they have been used in recognizing and giving recognition in voluntary work as well as applying for jobs. We wish to contact you later. Thank you!
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