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Open Education Enthusiast

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Open Education week is a celebration of the global Open Education Movement and its impact on teaching, learning and research. The earner of this badge showed their commitment to learning about the Open Education movement by participating in York St John University's online, bite-sized CPD course: '5 days of Open Education: what, why, how?', delivered by staff from the University's Technology Enhanced Learning Team and Information Learning Services.

York St John’s Technology Enhanced Learning Team and Information Learning Services joined forces to offer an online, bite-sized course from 7-11 March: 5 days of Open Education: what, why, how?

Each day, participants received a new blog post to their inboxes introducing them to a specific aspect of Open Education. Each post featured an optional activity or two to complete. Recipients of this badge showed their interest in the Open Education agenda by completing three or more of the activities across the five days. The activities involved posting blog comments on the following:

Day 1: What is Open Education? - In the comments section of the blog post, describe what you believe Open Education means in your context and what experience you have of engaging with the Open Education agenda to date (50-200 words approx).

Day 2: The what, why and where of Open Educational Resources (OERs) - Choose two of the OER repositories or websites linked to from the Day 2 blog post. Compare and contrast the usefulness of the two repositories in the comments section. The post provides some prompting questions you might consider.

Day 3: Creative Commons Licensing: know your SA from your ND! - You’re giving a lecture and want to brighten it up with a picture of your favourite animal. Do a search for it on Wikimedia Commons. Once you’ve found your image, look at the licence terms. Post a link to the image, along with the licence name and what it would allow you to do with that image. Include a full attribution to the author. - Optional activity: You have published a research paper with a well-known journal. They are offering two licences: CC BY, or CC BY-NC-ND. What would affect your decision over which licence to choose? Some examples: - How much control would you retain over your work? - How much impact would you like your work to make? - Who do you want to have access to your work? Would the NC (non-commercial) clause exclude any uses or organisations that should be allowed?

Day 4: Introduction to Open Access Publishing - Choose one of two case study scenarios provided and add your response to the comments section. The scenarios require you to investigate publisher's licence terms to determine what rights you have to access or share your published research.

Day 5: Becoming an Open Educational Practitioner - How Open Are You? Take this short 8-question quiz to assess how ready your organisation is to release resources under Creative Commons (CC) and other such licences, and what can be done to improve your organisation's proposed “open” activities. From the quiz and the ideas raised in this week's posts, reflect on whether you view yourself as an open educational practitioner? Why/Why not? What practical steps can you take towards becoming one? We suggest a minimum of 50 words and a maximum of 200 (approx.)

If you have met the criteria for the Open Education Enthusiast badge, submit your evidence below. You'll receive an email when we've reviewed and approved your application. Claim your badge and share your interest in Open Education with the world!

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