Curriculum & Design - PFD

Curriculum & Design - PFD

Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Adult & Graduate Studies division. OKWU is a regionally accredited, Christian evangelical liberal arts university offering residential and adult undergraduate and graduate degrees.

For gaining additional skills in curriculum, course writing, or instructional design.

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Criteria for Course Design badge

-Awarded for participating in professional development related to course design, curriculum writing,or instructional design. -Complete through formal training event, AGS-sponsored activity, or workshop/conference offered by similar institution or training organization.

Enter the details below regarding the Professional Training Development event related to Course & Curriculum Design in which you participated. We will notify you in a few days once we review the application.

Enter the name of the event attended or completed; e.g., "OLC online teaching conference" or "MOOC course on Adult Learning Theories".
Enter the date of the activity. If a longer event such as a course, enter the start and end dates.
Were you a presenter, co-presenter, or participant in this event?
Enter the name of the organization who hosted or conducted the training activity. If a MOOC or course, enter the name of the school offering the course.
If "Other", note the type in the next box.
If you selected "Other" as the activity type in the previous question, enter the type of activity here.
Briefly describe your participation in the event, including how long you were there, activities in which you participated, or benefit gained. if you were a presenter, describe the content and subject material that you presented.
Enter the approximate number of HOURS spent completing this activity. NOTE: A badge will be issued for between 7-10 hours of professional development. For multi-day events on different topics, it is acceptable to apply for different badges using the same event.
If CEUs were earned for this event, indicate how many.
Upload any supporting documents for consideration in this application. If you received a certificate for this activity from another organization, upload a PDF or copy of that certificate.
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