Master Adjunct Faculty

Master Adjunct Faculty

Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Adult & Graduate Studies division. OKWU is a regionally accredited, Christian evangelical liberal arts university offering residential and adult undergraduate and graduate degrees.

OKWU Faculty credentialed as Master Adjunct Faculty

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Criteria for OKWU Master Adjunct Faculty badge

  • Complete 2 years as Senior Faculty
  • Teach 7 courses within 9 academic terms (as SF)
  • Satisfactory annual evaluations (PTP)
  • AGS Faculty Council recommendation
  • Dean’s appointment
  • 6 PFD badges earned as Senior Faculty: 2 AGS events, 1 Teaching, 1 Mentoring (or Course Design or Assessment), 2 Other
  • Christian Online Higher Education paper

Complete the fields below. Your application will be emailed to the AGS office for review by the administration. We will contact you by email or phone within a few days.

Enter the date on which you were first credentialed for current rank or received your current Faculty rank badge (see badge details for this date)
Briefly identify any Professional Development badges earned that would qualify you for this faculty rank. If you have not yet been awarded PFD badges but have completed activities that would qualify, briefly describe those here.
Please provide any other information or items you would like to be used in considering your application.
List the courses and frequency you have taught for OKWU AGS over the last 6 semesters (including summers)
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