What’s new in Open Badge Passport?

Open Badge Passport was updated on November 10th, 2020. The goal of this release is to improve the features of the Explore-section and the management of selfie badges.

Improvements of the Explore section

This release provides a new interface enabling easy and fast access to information related to badges published in the Explore section. With the tabs located on the top of the badge view, you can now get general info about the badge, see the badge statistics and see a list of the badge recipients. If the badge in that view has a badge application, you can directly apply for the badge. One of our main goals has been to make endorsements easier. You can now endorse a badge recipient, and see evidence linked to the badge without having to open the recipient’s profile (small icon at the right side of the profile line).

Another significant improvement is that you can now easily find badges that you can apply for in the Explore section by ticking the “Show only badges I can earn” box on the top of the badge browsing view. Badges and badge applications are now in one place, and we hope that browsing badges earned by the community will encourage OBP users to also apply for these badges!

New tabs in the badge view

Selfie badges

Until now, editing an existing selfie badge has led to the creation of a new badge. After the release, if you edit a selfie badge that you have already delivered to yourself or someone else, OBP will automatically generate versions of the same badge that you can use for issuing. Notice that if you change the name of the badge, OBP will create a new version. If you want, you can also delete an old badge or even revoke it.

We believe that this major improvement will boost the interaction between members of the Open Badge Community. The modification of the Explore section has been made to align with the interface of the new mobile application which will be launched at the end of November.

Don’t miss our webinar “OBF and OBP development strategy and new features” on December 1st at 2:00 pm GMT, (15:00 CET, 9:00 am EST).

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Enjoy the new features!

OBF team

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